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The Graffiti Free Plan

This program is used primarily to re-claim high problem areas. If Graffiti is an ongoing problem at your property then you may want to consider THE GRAFFITI FREE PLAN. This program consists of complete removal of all Graffiti from your property. Once work is completed your site is then monitored on a weekly or monthly basis (depending on customers needs).

Once any graffiti is found it is removed and re-coated. This plan has two major advantages for owners or managers faced with repeated graffiti problems. First it is a preventative program that is billed on a monthly basis, this allows managers to include it in their budgets and prevents unexpected costs throughout the year. Secondly as we are monitoring your property you don’t need to check it or call anyone.

As soon as your property is vandalised we remove the graffiti and re-coat the affected area. Before and after digital photos of the graffiti affected areas are supplied with invoice on a monthly basis.